BetCoVerse is invested in solving societal challenges by giving a portion of our proceeds to help the less privileged.

Our Mission

We creed in giving back to the society because without the society there is no BETCOVERSE. How little way of doing this is to fix the society that made us by attending to the challenge it is faced with.

Taking Action

One major nexus to solving societal issues in our world today is through charity and Partnership. Betcoverse is willing to walk this road with other charities who are willing to join force with us to achieve solving societal anomalies.

How it Works

BetCoVerse Charity is keen on providing humanity with better a life and education. We will create a unique ecosystem that brings thrill and excitement to the gaming world and also attends to the important needs of the society through our charity . From the funding and profits of pre-sales of BETC, 2% goes to fund educational programs for people and children who do not have privilege to education due to environmental or gender factor , and 1% will be reserved to care for charity. Also , we are will to join force with charities and organizations who are invested in making this dream a reality.