BETC8 is an Esports 3.0  metaverse: We combine all the best utilities for the holders. In the future we want to build EMPIRE BETCOVERSE CIty, Stadium, vacation home, island. That’s the chance for all diamond holders become our investors. All buyers- Holders will get paid:

This is the first time players get to own digital assets and have more say in the gaming community, and economy. In the traditional esports / gaming world, gamers will have to pay for weapons and skins that they don’t own. Middleman will take out a big chunk of fees. Now, for the very first time, gamers can own something through the use of blockchain and NFT. Similar to Web 3, people can now read, write, and own the content, and fully immerse themselves in the gaming world.

Low Salary

Short-lived career

Gaming Addiction

Poor Family Relationships